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US mayoral elections November 2019
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US mayoral elections November 2019Democrats control
politics in big-city USA

11 November 2019: While the 2018 midterm elections provided an insight into the national political mood of America, this year’s ‘off-year elections’ took place predominately at local level. In the US, off-year elections are held when neither presidential nor countrywide congressional contests take place. With only three gubernatorial ballots – in Kentucky, Louisiana as well as Mississippi - and legislative polls in only four states, this year’s mayoral elections on 5 November were watched for any impact of the impeachment process in the US House of Representatives. But, with Democrats already in control of most big cities, there were very few explicit pointers.

In only five out of 49 large cities, which held mayoral ballots, incumbent mayors were forced into a second round. The most prominent was Sylvester Turner, the Democrat mayor of Houston (TX), who was just 7,800 votes short of winning 50 per cent. The run-off is set for 14 December. Other big-city mayors who are facing second-round contests are David Bieter a Democrat from Boise (ID), John Tecklenburg Democrat Charleston (SC), Frank Cownie, Democrat Des Moines (IA) and Eddie Deloach, a Republican from Savannah (GA).

The Democrats dominate politics in big-city America. Out of 49 cities, with more than 100,000 inhabitants, where voters were asked to elect new mayors on 5 November, 30 elected Democrat candidates, while Republicans were successful in only four cities. In nine cities, voters opted for independent or non-affiliated candidates, while in six cities the winners will be decided second-round elections.

Mayors, who have already won an additional term in office, include Joseph Hogsett (Indianapolis), Jim Kenny (Philadelphia) and Brandon Whipple (Wichita).

The dominance of the Democrats in American town halls will be even stronger after mayoral elections in California, scheduled for 1 December 2019.

Results of US mayoral
elections, 5 November 2019

City, state, population
Election results,
5 November 2019
Party & politics
Akron (OH) 198,000 Dan Horrigan Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Allentown (PA) 118,000 Ray O'Connell Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Arvada (CO) 106,000 Marc Williams Incumbent re-elected Republican
Aurora (CO) 325,000 Mike Coffman Newly elected Republican
Boise (ID) 206,000 David Bieter Incumbent mayor faces run-off on 3 December Democrat
Bridgeport (CN) 144,000 Joe Ganim Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Cary (NC) 135,000 Harold Weinbrecht Incumbent re-elected on 8 October Independent
Charleston (SC) 120,000 John Tecklenburg Incumbent faces run-off on 19 November Democrat
Charlotte (NC) 731,000 Vi Alexander Lyles Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Columbus (OH) 787,000 Andrew Ginther Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Davenport (IA) 100,000 Mike Matson Newly elected Non-affiliated
Des Moines (IA) 203,000 Frank Cownie Incumbent mayor faces run-off on 3 December Democrat
Durham (NC) 258,000 Steve Schewel Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Evansville (IN) 117,000 Lloyd Winnecke Incumbent re-elected Republican
Fayetteville (NC) 205,000 Mitch Colvin Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Flint (MI) 102,000 Sheldon Neeley Newly elected Democrat
Fort Wayne (IN) 245,000 Thomas Henry Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Grand Rapids (MI) 188,000 Rosalynn Bliss Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Hartford (CN) 125,000 Luke Bronin Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Houston (TX) 2,099,000 Sylvester Turner Incumbend faces run-off in December Democrat
Indianapolis (IN) 830,000 Joseph Hogsett Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Knoxville (TN) 179,000 Indya Kincannon Newly elected Democrat
Lafayette (LA), 121,000 Run-off election 16 November
Lakewood (CO) 143,000 Adam Paul Incumbent re-elected Independent
Manchester (NH) 110,000 Joyce Craig Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Mesquite (TX) 143,000 Bruce Archer Newly elected Non-affiliated
Midland (TX) 111,000 Patrick Payton Newly elected Republican
Montgomery (AL) 206,000 Steven Reed, newly elected Newly elected Democrat
New Haven (CN) 130,000 Justin Elicker Newly elected Democrat
Olathe (KS) 126,000 Michael Copeland Incumbent re-elected Non-affiliated
Orlando (FL) 238,000 Buddy Dyer Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Philadelphia (PA) 1,526,000 Jim Kenney Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Raleigh (NC) 404,000 Mary-Ann Baldwin Newly elected on 8 October Democrat
Salt Lake City (UT) 186,000 Erin Mendenhall Newly elected Democrat
San Francisco (CA) 805,000 London N Breed Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Savannah (GA) 146,000 Eddie Deloach Incumbent mayor faces run-off on 3 December Republican
South Bend (IN) 101,000 James Mueller Incumbent mayor Pete Buttigieg running for US President Democrat
Spokane (WA) 209,000 Nadine Woodward Newly elected Independent
Springfield (MA) 153,000 Domenic Sarno Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Sterling Heights (MI) 132,000 Michael Taylor Incumbent re-elected Non-affiliated
Thornton (CO) 119,000 Janifer Kulmann Newly elected Non-affiliated
Tuscon (AZ) 520,000 Regina Romero Newly elected Democrat
Warren (MI) 134,000 James Fouts Incumbent re-elected Independent
Waterbury (CN) 110,000 Neil O'Leary Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Wichita (KS) 382,000 Brandon Whipple Newly elected Democrat
Wilmington (NC) 106,000 Bill Saffo Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Woodbridge Township (NJ) 100,000 John McCormac Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Worcester (MA) 181,000 Joseph Petty Incumbent re-elected Democrat
Yonkers (NY) 196,000 Mike Spano Incumbent re-elected Democrat