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June 2019: In Canada cities and towns are considered creatures of provincial and territorial governments, existing by provincial and territorial legislation. Provinces and territories can create, modify, or eliminate a municipality as they see fit such as amalgamations and the creation of regional governments. They also dictate the limits of the powers of municipal governments.

Municipalities are broadly categorized as ‘Upper tier’ municipalities and ‘Lower Tier’ municipalities. The prior includes Regional Municipalities, Counties, and Districts lead by a Chair or a Warden. Existing with the upper tier municipalities, the latter includes Cities, Towns, Townships, and Municipalities, which are lead by a Mayor or a Reeve. There are also cities, which are large enough to function as independent municipalities. These include the City of Toronto and the City of Ottawa.

For the most part, serving as the Chief Executive of the city and Chair of council, Canadian mayors are given the title His Worship or Her Worship in English and Son Honneur in French for both males and females.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), the national advocacy and peer group for municipalities, counts more than 1900 member cities and towns. FCM also hosts the Big City Mayors Caucus, a peer group for Canada’s 22 largest cities by population. The list below includes the mayors of the member cities of the Big City Mayors Caucus and Charlottetown, Fredericton and Moncton, which are still considered important cities due to their importance in their respective provinces.

Mayors of Canada’s largest cities

City, size
& website
(Mr / Ms)
Population: 141,500
Henry Braun (Mr) Elected 2014, re-elected 2018
Next election 2022
Retired business executive
Member of City Council 2011-2014. Secured 57% of the vote in the first round in 2018. No party affiliation.
Pop. 141,000
Jeff Lehman (Mr) Elected 2010. Re-elected 2014 and 2018. Next election 2022 Born 1975. Economist. City Council member 2006-2010. Won third term in 2018 with 90% of the votes. No party affiliation.
Population: 593,600
Patrick Brown (Mr) Elected 2018. Next election 2022 Born 1978. Secured mayoralty in 2018 with 44% of the votes. Political Party; Progressive Conservatives which he led in the Ontario Assembly from 2015 until 2018. Resigned following a scandal. Contested as an Independent in 2018.
Pop. 184,000
Marianne Meed Ward (Ms) Elected 2018. Next election 2022 Born 1966 in the USA
Journalist and politician. Member of City Council 2010-2014 and 2014-2018. Defeated two-term mayor in 2018 with 46% of the votes
Party: Liberal
Pop. 232,750
Derek Corrigan (Mr) Elected 2002. Re-elected 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014 Born Vancouver 1951. Lawyer. First elected to Council in 1987. He has served continuously since then.
Population: 1,239,000
Naheed Nenshi (Mr) Elected 2010, 2013, 2017. Next election 2021 Born 1972,
Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Public Policy (Harvard), Writer/Professor, Consultant, Canada's first Muslim mayor; Winner of the 2014 World Mayor Prize
Re-elected in October 2017 by a margin of 7%.
Population: 36,100
Clifford Lee (Mr) Elected 2003, 2006, 2010, 2014
Next election 2018
Deputy Mayor in 2000, provincial public servant, Assistant Manager of the PEI Liquor Control Commission, Investigation & Auditing Services Supervisor with the Dept of Health & Social Services, Financial Officer with the Provincial Treasury
Pop. 84,000
Ken Popove (Mr) Elected 2018
Next Election. 2022
Business owner. Served on City Council 2011 – 2014 and 2014-2018. Defeated long-term mayor Sharon Getz in 2018 by 1000 votes. No party affiliation
Pop. 139,700
Richard Stewart (Mr) Elected 2008. Re-elected 2011 and 2014 Born 1959.
Business owner and writer. Member of City Council since 2005.
Population: 933,000
Don Iveson (Mr) Elected 2013, 2017. Next  election 2021 Born 1979, Political Science graduate from Alberta University. Former publisher; Current (2016) Chair of Big City Caucus; Member of City Council since 2007.
Population: 58,200
Mike O'Brian (Mr) Elected 2016 Engineer. Background of voluntary work in social enterprises and social work. Member of City Council from 2001 – 2016.Defeated long-term mayor Brad Woodhouse in 2016 by a margin of 10%
Population: 276,200
Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin
Elected 2013, 2017.Next election 2021 Born 1968.
Political Science graduate from Ottawa University. Won a second term in 2017 with a margin of 16% over second placed candidate in spite of collapse in support for his party.
Party. Action Gatineau
Greater Sudbury
Pop; 162,000
Brian Bigger (Mr) Elected 2014. Re-elected 2018. Next election 2022 Born 1958. Accountant. Secured re-election in 2018 with majority of 5,000 over second placed candidate. First mayor to be re-elected since re-organisation into Greater Sudbury in 2002
Population: 404,000
Mike Savage (Mr) Elected 2012, 2016. Next election 2020 Born 1960.
As a member of parliament for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour from 2004 until 2011, Mayor Savage was active in serving his constituents and playing a national role as Official Opposition Critic for Human Resources and Skills and Status of Persons with Disabilities, and as Chair of the Liberal Caucus Committee on Post-Secondary Education and Research. Member of Federal Parliament 2004-2011. Re-elected 2016 with 68% of the votes.
Party. Liberal
Population: 537,000
Fred Eisenberger (Mr) Elected 2014 Next Election 2018 Born 1952
Born in Amsterdam. Previously mayor from 2006-2010. Former
Chair of Hamilton Port Authority
Party: Conservative
Population: 127,400
Colin Basran (Mr) Elected 2014; Next election 2018
Born 1977
Formerly worked as a journalist and then as an estate agent
Member of City Council 2011-2014
Of Sikh descent he is the first non-Caucasian mayor of Kelowna
Population: 123,800
Bryan Paterson (Mr) Elected 2014; Next election 2018 Former Assistant Professor at Canada Royal Military College. Backed by Liberal Party
Population: 233,000
Berry Vrbanovic (Mr) Elected 2014; Next Election 2018 Born in Croatia. Came to Canada as a child. Formerly
Employed in local government. Member of City Council 1994-2014
Langley Township
Pop: 118,000
Jack Froese (Mr) Elected 2010. Re-elected 2014 and 2018. Next election 2022 Born 1954. Retired Farmer and Police Officer. Secured a third term in 2018 with 59% of the votes. Key issues are growth and housing. No party affiliation
Population: 423,667
Marc Demers (Mr) Elected 2013, 2017. Next Election 2021. Former Police Officer. First newly elected mayor in 24 years. Won second term comfortably in 2017 with a margin of 26% over second placed contender.
Party. Mouvement lavallois Equipe.
Pop. 93,200
Chris Spearman (Mr) Elected 2013, 2017; Next election 2021 Business man.
Retained the job in the October 2017 election with an impressive 73.72% of the votes cast. Long experience in environmental standards systems.
Party. Independent
Pop; 144,000
Gilles Lehouillier (Mr) Elected 2013. Re-elected 2017. Next election 2021 Born 1953. Former civil servant. Member of Quebec Assembly from 2008 to 2012. Secured re-election as mayor in 2017 with 93% of the votes. Party. Quebec Liberal Party
Pop : 384,000
Matt Brown (Mr) Elected 2014 Has worked in corporate sales and for the YMCA. Won the 2016 election with a margin of 235 over the second placed candidate. He was suspended from his role for 8 days in June 2016 following disclosure of a sexual relationship with the deputy mayor. In August 2017 called on all residents to stand against racism in the face of a planned white supremacist march in the city. Member of Council 2012 – 2016. No known party affiliation.
Pop : 235,310 (2011)
Sylvie Parent (Ms) Elected 2017, Next Election 2021 Born 1962
Member of the City Council 2009 – 2017. Also served as Budget Cttee Deputy Chair on the agglomeration council. Former local government official. Elected in 2017 with a 5% margin over nearest rival.
Party. Action Longueil.
Population 329,000
Frank Scarpitti (Mr) Elected 2006. Re-elected 2010, 2014 Next election 2018 Served as Acting Mayor 1992-1994. Broadcaster 1994-1997.
Controversially revealed as highest paid mayor in Canada in 2014.
Population: 722,000
Bonnie Crombie (Mr) Elected 2014
Next election 2018
Born 1960; Party: Liberal; Former Liberal Party member of Federal Parliament
Population: 64,128 (2006)
Dawn Arnold (Ms) Elected 2016. Next Election 2020 Member of the City Council 2012 – 2016. Leader of the Frye Literary Festival for 15 years. First female mayor of Moncton. Won 2017 election with a margin of 10% over next candidate.
1,620,693 (2006)
Valérie Plante (Ms) Elected 2017. Next Election 2021 Born 1974
Member of City Council 2013 – 2017. Has worked for several non-profit organisations. Became first female mayor of Montreal in November 2017 winning the election by a 6% margin over incumbent Denis Corderre.  Became leader of her party in December 2016. 
Party. Projet Montreal.
Pop: 91,000
Leonard Krog (Mr) Elected 2018. Next election 2022 Born 1953. Lawyer. Member of the British Columbia Assembly from 2005 -2018. From 2017-2018 served as Chair of the government Caucus in the Assembly. Won election as mayor in 2018 with 75% of the votes. Party. New Democrats
North Vancouver District
Pop; 87,000
Mike Little (Mr) Elected 2018. Next election 2022 Born 1976. Member of the Council from 2006-2014. In 2018 mayoral election won 60% of the votes to defeat incumbent. Housing and transport are priorities. During his term the two authorities in the area are likely to merge. If so, North Vancouver would become 5th largest city in the province. No party affiliation
Pop: 160,000
Dan Carter (Mr) Elected 2018. Next election 2022 Broadcaster. Se cured mayoralty in 2018 with 69% of the votes. Formerly homeless himself, more housing provision and support for those without a home is policy priority.
Member of Regional Council 2014 – 2018.
No party affiliation
Population: 934,200
Jim Watson
Elected 1997, 2010, 2014
Next Election 2018
Born 1961, elected to city council in 1991, elected mayor in 1997, elected Member of Provincial Parliament in 2000, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Bachelor degree in journalism and communications, Director of Communications for the Speaker of House of Commons, Party: N/A
Québec (City)
Population: 532,000
Régis Labeaume (Mr) Elected 2007, 2009, 2013, 2017. Next Election 2021 Born 1956,
Elected in special election after death of incumbent Andrée Boucher, Bachelor's degree in sociology, Chair of the Fondation de l'entrepreneurship organisation, businessman in mining. Won fourth term in November 2017 with margin over second placed contender of 20 percentage points.  Party: Équipe Labeaume
Red Deer
Pop. 100,400
Tara Veer (Ms) Elected 2013 Re-elected 2017; Next election 2021 Born 1976. Council member 2004 – 2013. Former employment as a caseworker for member of Canadian Parliament and as Executive Director of a church. Second female mayor of Red Deer. Landslide victory for second term in October 2017. She was in the forefront of city leaders in Canada in utilising social media. Member of United Conservative Party but contests local government elections as Independent.
Population: 215,000
Michael Fougere (Mr) Elected 2012, 2016. Next Election 2020 Born 1956.
LSE graduate. Business Executive. Won re-election in 2016 with over 70% of the votes. Independent
Population: 198,400
Malcolm Brodie (Mr) Elected 2001. Re-elected 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 , 2014 and 2018 Born 1949. Lawyer. Member of City Council between 1996-2001. Secured a seventh win in the 2018 mayoral election with 64% of the votes. Party. Independent
Richmond Hill
Pop; 195,000
Dave Barrow (Mr) Elected 2006. Re-elected 2010, 2014 and 2018. Next election 2022 Born 1957. Business owner. Member of City Council 1977 – 1985. Member of Regional Council 1997-2006. Secured a fourth successive term as mayor in 2018 with 76% of the votes. Party. Liberal
Population: 146,000
Josee Neron (Ms) Elected 2017 Accountant. Head of her party since 2013. Secured 49% of the votes in the 2017 election with a victory margin of over 25%.
Party. Equipe de Renevou Democratic.
Saint John
Pop; 67,000
Don Darling (Mr) Elected 2016. Next election 2020 Consultant. Formerly in business in the construction sector. Won the mayoral election in 2016 with a 75 margin over second placed candidate. Won public praise in 2017 after he took part in a Gay Pride demonstration and criticised intolerance on his social media
St. Catherine’s
Pop: 134,000
Walter Sendzik (Mr) Elected 2014. Re-elected 2018. Next Former business owner and also formerly Chief Executive of St. Catherine’s Chamber of Commerce. Won in 2014 as an outsider with no previous political elected office. Policy priorities are affordable housing, mental health services and poverty. Re-elected 2018 with 64% of the votes. No political affilliation
St. John’s
Pop: 109,000
Walter Sendzik (Mr) Elected 2014. Re-elected 2018. Next election 2022 Former business owner and also formerly Chief Executive of St. Catherine’s Chamber of Commerce. Won in 2014 as an outsider with no previous political elected office. Policy priorities are affordable housing, mental health services and poverty. Re-elected 2018 with 64% of the votes. No political affilliation
Population: 222,100 (2016)
Charlie Clark (Mr)
Elected 2016 Mediator. Won the 2017 mayoral election by a margin of 3% of the votes over incumbent Don Acheson. Member of the City Council 2006 – 2016.
Population: 161,300
Steve Lussier (Mr) Elected 2017 Next election 2021 Born 1975
Property Developer and Estate Agent. Defeated two term mayor Bernard Sevigny who had first been elected to the Council in 2001. Lussier won with no previous Council or political experience.
Party. Independent
Population: 518,000
Doug McCallum (Mr) Elected 2014 Next Election 2018 Born 1944. Formerly mayor of Surrey from 1996 – 2005. Has represented Conservatives on other bodies. Won with a majority of 17,000 over second placed candidate in 2018. Political comeback followed divisions in the Surrey First party which had run Surrey since 2005. Party; Safe Surrey Coalition
Pop: 113,000
Marc-Andre Plante (Mr) Elected 2017. Next Election 2021 Before his election as mayor he was a Social and Municipal Affairs Executive at Carrefour. Following revelations of corruption in the City Council he formed his organisation to contest the 2017 elections. Party. Alliance Democratique de Terrebonne
Population: 2,732,000 (2010)
John Tory (Mr) Elected 2014, re-elected 2018, Next Election 2022 Born 1954.  Formerly worked as a lawyer, strategist and as a business owner. Worked in Provincial Prime Minister’s Office 1981 – 1985. Member of Ontario Assembly from 2005 – 2007. Leader of Progressive Conservatives of Ontario 2004-2009. Worked in broadcasting between 2010 and 2014. Secured second term as mayor in 2018 with 63% of the votes. Party. Progressive Conservatives
Pop. 134,400
Jean Lamarche  (Mr) Elected 2019 in a special election following resignation of previous mayor. Next Election 2021 Former President of Festivoix. Worked for Quebec Government as a public communications official. Elected in May 2019 with 55% of the votes. Had support of long-time mayor Yves Levesque who resigned because of ill-health.
Party: None
Population: 631,500 (2006)
Kennedy Stewart (Mr) Elected 2018. Next Election 2022 Born 1966
Academic. Member of the Federal Parliament from 2011 – 2018. Elected mayor in 2018 with a margin of less than 1,000 votes over second placed candidate. Represented New Democrats in Parliament but resigned to contest mayoralty in 2018 as an Independent
Population: 306,300
Maurizio Bevilacqua (Mr) Elected 2010. Re-elected 2014 and 2018. Next Election 2022 Born 1960
First elected in 2010 after serving as member of Federal Parliament for 22 years from 1988 – 2010. Former Minister of State in Canadian Government. Secured 70% of the votes in 2018. Born in Italy
Party. Liberal
Pop: 87,000
Lisa Helps (Ms) Elected 2014. Re-elected 2018. Next Election 2022 Born 1976
Worked for several social sector agencies in management and also served as a board member on social housing provision organisations. City Council member 2011-2014. Homelessness, affordable housing and tackling climate change key policies.
No party affiliation
Population: 105,000
Dave Jaworsky (Mr) Elected 2014. Re-elected 2018. Next Election 2022 Former business executive at Blackberry. Worked in high-tech sector for 25 years. Secured second term in 2018 with 71% of the votes
Population: 217,000
Drew Dilkens (Mr) Elected 2014. Re-elected 2018. Next Election 2022 Lawyer and former diplomatic service official. Member of City Council 2006-2014. Secured second term in 2018 with 59% of the votes
Population: 705,200
Brian Bowman (Mr) Elected 2014. Re-elected 2018. Next Election 2022 Born 1971
Lawyer. Former Chair of Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. First Aboriginal/Metis mayor of Winnipeg. Secured a second term with 53% of the votes in 2018.
Party. Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba