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Italian local government
15 November 2016: Mayors play a central role in Italian national life and are a settled feature of the political system. The more than 8,000 communes are each headed by a mayor (sindaco) and elected council (consiglio comunale) of between 15 and 80 members.

From the capital Rome to the smallest village, Italian communes coexist on an equal basis, although the mayors of Rome and Milan can be seen as national political figures in their own right. They also enjoy high levels of allegiance from their local populations, making their boundaries hard to amend or reform. In addition to civil registration and local public services, including roads, communes are able to run their own local police forces and provide local healthcare services. The Italian capital Rome is served by 19 municipal entities, the Municipi.

Mayors of the largest Italian cities
City, size
and internet
(Mr, Ms)
Profile & Politics*
Popl: 94,500
Maria Rita Rossa (Ms) Elected 2012 Born 1966
Candidate of Centre-Left list. Won with 67.9% in second round after winning 2011 primary
Party: PD
Popl: 100,,900
Valeria Mancinelli (Ms) Elected 2013 Born 1955
Elected as choice of centre-left coalition.
Public controversy in 2014 after she authorised the eviction of people, including refugees, from a disused former school in February 2014
Party: PD
Popl: 100,400
Nicola Giorgino (Mr) Elected 2015 Born 1969
Party: Civic list and other local organisations
Popl: 99,500
Alessandro Ginelli (Mr) Elected 2015 Born 1952
Elected as choice of Centre-Right coalition
Party: FI
Popl: 326,300
Antonio Decaro (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1970
Member of Chamber of Deputies since 2015
Became President of ANCI ( Italian municipalities) in 2015
Party: PD
Popl: 95,900
Pasquale Cascella
Elected 2013 Born 1952
Won in second round as Centre-Left candidate with 62.8%
Former member of Chamber of Deputies
Party: PD
Popl: 119,400
Giorgio Gori (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1960
Journalist and media production manager
Party: PD
Popl: 386,700
Virginio Merola (Mr) Elected May 2011,re-elected 2016 Born 1955, philosophy graduate Bologna University; municipal posts 1990s-2000s, PD co-founder; Party: PD
Bolzano (Bozen)
Popl: 106,400
Renzo Caramaschi (Mr) Elected 2016 Born 1946
Previously one of the Council staff directors
Former journalist and publicist
Popl: 193,500
Emilio Del Bono (Mr) Elected 2013 Born 1965
Party: PD
Popl: 154,500
Massimo Zedda (Mr) Elected 2016 Born 1976
Part of a coalition which took power in 2016 and ended council members privileges
Council member since 2006
Regional Assembly member since 2009
Party: Sinistra Ecologia Libertà
Popl: 314,600
Enzo Bianco (Mr) Elected 2013 Born 1951
Minister of Interior in national government 1999-2001
Former member of Daisy Democracy
Previously mayor 1988-1989, 1993-1997, 1997-2000.
Survived corruption allegations in 2012
Popl: 133,200
Tiziano Tagliani (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1959
Elected on Centre-Left list though PD has an overall majority
Party: PD
Firenze / Florence
Popl: 382,800
Dario Nardella (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1975
Elected as candidate of Centre-Left coalition
Former parliamentary deputy Party: PD
Popl: 152,000
Franco Landella (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1966
Elected as part of Centre-Right coalition
Health Inspector
Member of Council since 2005
Party: FI
Popl: 117,900
Davide Drei (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1965
Won as candidate of the Centre left list
Former public sector manager
President of Forlì-Cesana Province
Genova / Genoa
Popl: 688,700
Marco Doria (Mr) Elected May 2012, five-year term

Born 1957; economics lecturer Genoa University, marquis and count; member of Doria naval dynasty of Genoa; father a communist
Party: independent candidate supported by PD and Sinistra Ecologia Libertà

Giugliano in Campania
Popl: 123,000
Antonio Poziello (Mr) Elected 2015 Born 1971
Won as Centre-Left candidate in a single round system
La Spezia
Popl: 93,000
Massimo Federici (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1956
Won as centre-left candidate
Party: PD
Popl: 126,000
Damiano Coletta (Mr) Elected 2016 Born 1960
Professor of Medicine
Independent , won as candidate of citizens organisations
Popl: 95,800
Paolo Perrone (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1967
Economics degree
In the forefront of the renewal wing of FI
Member of PdL throughout its existence
Party: FI
Popl: 159,200
Filippo Nogarin (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1970
Election ended 70 years of continuous left control in Livorno which was known as the red citadel. Nogarin and Pizzaroti in Parma were under intense scrutiny as the only Five Star Movement mayors of substantial cities until the 2016 elections in Turin and Rome. He criticised the Government for not trying to buy Livorno born Modigliani’s Nu Cuoché when it became available in 2015
Popl: 238,400
Renato Accorinti (Mr) Elected 2013 Born 1954
Elected as part of a Citizens Movement which campaigned to rebuild Messina from the bottom up
Physical Education Teacher and Activist
Was featured in article in Der Spiegel 6 months after election
Party: Independent
Milano / Milan
Popl: 1,345,900
Giuseppe Sala (Mr) Elected 2016 Born 1958
Manager and politician
From 2010-2015 Sala was the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation running the 2015 Universal Exposition in Milan.Party: PD
Popl: 185,000
Gian Carlo Muzzarelli (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1955
Career Politician
Previously mayor of Modena
Mayor of Fanano 1980 – 1990
Council member Modena 1990-1999
Regional Assembly member since 2000
Party: PD
Popl: 122,700
Roberto Scanagatti (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1954
Party: PD
Napoli / Naples
Popl: 974,100
Luigi de Magistris (Mr) Mayor since June 2011,re-elected 2016 Born 1967
Lawyer, prosecutor in Naples 1998-2002;
Party: Italia dei Valori
Popl: 104,400
Alessandro Canelli (Mr) Elected 2016 Born 1971
Candidate of the centre-right coalition
Padova / Padua
Popl: 210,400
Massimo Bitonci (Mr)
Update 15 November 2016: Mayor Bitonci lost a no-confidence motion by councillors.
Elected 2014 Born 1965;
Career politician
Member of Italian Senate since 2014
Member of Chamber of Deputies 2008 – 2013
Mayor of Cittadella 2002-2012. Deputy Mayor 1994-2002
Party: Lega Veneta - Lega Nord
Popl: 674,400
Leoluca Orlando (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1947;
Mayor 1985-90, 1993-2000, lecturer Palermo University; reputed public enemy of mafia, received death threats when mayor
Popl: 192,800
Federico Pizzarotti (Mr) Elected May 2012

Born 1973;
Banker/financial consultant; loves computers.
Party: Five Stars Movement

Popl: 166,100
Andrea Romizi (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1979
Member of PdL 2009 – 2013
Elected as Centre-Right coalition candidate on platform of change
Party: FI
Popl: 121,000
Marco Alessandrini (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1970
Party: PD
Popl: 102,200
Paolo Dosi (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1954
Council member since 2002
Has spoken out against racism since becoming mayor
Party: PD
Popl: 90,000
Marco Filippeschi (Mr) Elected 2013 Born 1960
Manager of social enterprises
Elected as Centre-Left candidate
Has promoted Pisa as a Green city since taking office
Popl: 91,000
Samuele Bertinelli (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1976
Elected as centre-left candidate
Popl: 191,200
Matteo Biffoni (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1974
Since 2014 the city has been prominent in international design competitions
Party: PD
Popl: 159,100
Michele De Pascale (Mr) Elected 2016 Born 1985
Career politician
Party: PD
Reggio Calabria
Popl: 183,000
Giuseppe Falcomata (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1983
Party: PD
Reggio Emilia
Popl: 171,300
Luca Vecchi (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1975
Accountant, former sports coach
Council member since 2004
Party: PD
Popl: 147,800
Andrea Grassi (Mr) Elected 2011 Born 1969
PR, media and tourism professions
Member of Regional Assembly 2000-2005
President of Rimini Province since 2014
Previously City Council member 1990-1995
Party: PD
Roma / Rome
Popl: 2,864,700
Virginia Elena Raggi (Ms) Elected 2016 Born 1978
City council member since 2013
Secured 62.7% of the votes in the second round in the 2016 election delivering a severe blow to Prime Minister Renzi’s PD led government
Immediately withdrew Rome’s bid to host the 2024 summer Olympics after taking
Party: Five Star Movement)
Popl: 135,300
Vincenzo Napoli (Mr) Elected 2015 Born 1950
Backed by Progressives for Salerno citizens movement
Popl: 127,500
Nicola Sanna (Mr) Elected 2014 Born 1963 in Germany
Degree in argrarian science
Party: PD
Popl: 122,300
Giancarlo Garozzo (Mr) Elected 2013 Campaigned as part of Centre-Left coalition
Council member since 2004
In 2015 the mayor had to deal with contentious high-profile beach resort development proposal
Party PD
Popl: 201,100
Ippazio Stefàno (Mr) Elected June 2007; re-elected 2012 Born 1945
Physician/urologist, Taranto councilman 1982-92;
Party: Centre-left coalition (Lista Stefano/Sinistra Democratica per Stefano)
Popl: 111,500
Leopoldo di Girolamo (Mr) Elected 2009; re-elected 2014 Born 1951
Medical Professional
Member of Italian Senate since 2008
Represented the former Democratici di Sinistra in Chamber of
Deputies from 2001-2006
Party: PD
Popl: 117,300
Alessandro Andreatta (Mr) Elected 2009; re-elected 2015 Born 1957
Party: PD in coalition with Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party
Popl: 204,400
Roberto Dipiazza (Mr) Elected 2016 Born 1953
Business man
Elected as part of Centre-Right coalition
Previously mayor from 2001-2006, 2006-2011
Mayor of Muggia 1996-2001
Party: FI
Torino / Turin
Popl: 890,500
Chiara Appendino (Ms) Elected 2016 Born 1984
Early campaigns have included strong encouragement of the adoption
of vegan and vegetarian diets
Party: Five Star Movement
Popl: 99,200
Furio Honsell (Mr) Elected 2008; re-elected 2013 |Born 1958
Professor of Computing
Has been a Visiting Professor at universities across the globe
Current President of Giona ( Cities at Play).
Venezia / Venice
Popl: 263,400
Luigi Brugnaro (Mr) Elected 2015 Born 1961;
Elected after previouis mayor was arrested in corruption investigation
Controversially withdrew books which feature same sex couples from city schools
Party: Independent
Popl: 258,800
Flavio Tosi (Mr) First elected May 2007; re-elected May 2012 Born 1969
Elected to Verona city council 1994, president of the Venetian League (LV); Party: Lega Veneta-Lega Nord
Popl: 113,000
Achille Variati (Mr) Elected 2008; re-elected 2013 Born 1953
Previously mayor 1990-1995
Current ( 2016) President of the Union of Provinces
Member of the former Christian Democrats from 1980 – 1995
Party: PD

Forza Italia (FI), conservative party supporting former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi;
Sinistra Ecologia Libertà (Left Ecology Freedom), left-wing party led by Nichi Vendola, initially founded as a coalition of leftist parties.
Italia dei Valori (Italy of Values), centrist and anti-corruption party led by former anti-corruption judge Antonio di Pietro.
Partito Democratico (PD, Democratic Party), social democratic party founded in 2007 in merger of left-wing groups including former communists, led by Pier Luigi Bersani.
Liga Veneta - Lega Nord: the Venetian League is in the Northern League federation of parties that promote greater regional autonomy, federalism or the local interests of Italy´s northern provinces. LV was founded in 1979 and is presided by Flavio Tosi; the Northern League was founded in 1991.
Movimento 5 Stelle: anti-establishment, populist "Five Star Movement".