Capital cities and their mayors
Research by Gregory Tucker

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Mayors of capital cities
A to Z - city by city)

September 2017: The table lists the mayors of capital cities - in alphabetical order by city. Of the 130 cities examined, the research found 95 national capitals with elected mayors – either directly elected or chosen by the city council. Some 19 mayors were appointed, mostly by their respective national governments. Only 19 capital cities (15.4%) have female mayors, although in Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Warsaw, Oslo and Havana women are in charge of municipal government. The longest serving mayors are Vienna’s Michael Häupl and Georgetown’s (Guyana) Hamilton Green. Both men have been in office since 1994.

Capital cities and their mayors
(A to Z by cities)
(Male / Female)
Mohammed Bello (M) Abuja Nigeria 2015 Govt. appointed
Mohammed Adjei Sowah (M) Accra Ghana 2017 (Mar) Govt. appointed
Kuma Diriba (M) Addis Ababa Ethiopia 2013 Govt. appointed
Mohamed Kebir Addou (M) Algiers
Algeria 2013 Elected
Yousef Shawarbeh (M) Amman Jordan 2013 (Sep) Govt. appointed
Eberhard van der Laan (M) Amsterdam Netherlands 2010 (Jul) Council elected
Melih Gökçek (M) Ankara Turkey 1994 (Mar) Elected
Lalao Ravalomanana (F) Antananarivo Madagascar 2013 (Nov) Elected
Mario Ferreiro (M) Asunción Paraguay 2015 (Nov) Elected
Giorgos Kaminis (M) Athens Greece 2010 (Dec) Elected
Phil Goff (M) Auckland New Zealand 2016 (Nov) Elected
Dr Zekra Alwach (F) Baghdad Iraq 2015 (Feb) Appointed (acting)
Hajibala Abutalibov (M) Baku Azerbaijan 2001 (Jan.) Appointed
Aswin Kwanmuang (M) Bangkok Thailand 2016 (Oct) Appointed
Ada Colau Ballano (F) Barcelona Spain 2015 (June) Council elected
Cheng Jining (M) Beijing China 2017 (May) Council appointed (acting)
Jamal Itani (M) Beirut Lebanon 2016 Elected
Sinisa Mali (M) Belgrade Serbia 2014 (April) Elected
Darrell Bradley (M) Belize City Belize 2012 (March) Elected
Michael Muller (M) Berlin Germany 2014 Elected
Alexander Tschäppät (M) Bern Switzerland 2005 (Jan) Elected
Enrique Penalosa Londono (M) Bogotá Colombia 2015-16 Elected
Rodriguo Rollemberg (M) Brasilia Brazil 2015 (Jan) Elected
Ivo Nesrovnal (M) Bratislava Slovakia 2014 Elected
No mayor Bridgetown Barbados n/a n/a
Philippe Close (M) Brussels Belgium 2017 (June) Appointed
Gabriela Firea (F) Bucharest Romania 2016 (June) Elected
István Tarlós (M) Budapest Hungary 2010 (Oct.) Elected
Horacio Rodriguez Larreta (M) Buenos Aires Argentina 2015 Elected
No mayor Cairo Egypt n/a n/a
No mayor (assembly) Canberra Australia n/a n/a
Antonio Ledezma Díaz (M) Caracas Venezuela 2008 (Dec.) Elected
Dorin Chirtoaca (M) Chisinau Moldova 2007 (June) Elected
A. J. M. Muzammil (M) Colombo Sri Lanka 2004 Elected
Frank Jensen (M) Copenhagen Denmark 2010 (Jan.) Elected
Khalifa Ababacar Sall (M) Dakar Senegal 2009 Elected
Arvind Kejriwal (M) Delhi India 2015 (Feb) Elected
Davis Mwamfupe (M) Dodoma Tanzania 2017 (June) Elected
Micheal MacDonncha (M) Dublin Ireland 2017 (June) Council elected
Hamilton Green (M) Georgetown Guyana 1994 Elected
Alvaro Arzú Yrigoyen (M) Guatemala City Guatemala 2000 (Jan.) Elected
Nguyen Duc Chung (M) Hanoi Vietnam 2015 (Dec) Elected
Bernard Manyenyeni (M) Harare Zimbabwe 2003 Appointed (not executive)
Marta Hernández Romero (F) Havana Cuba 2011 (March) Council elected
Jussi Pajunen (M) Helsinki Finland 2005 (June) Council elected
Nguyen Thanh Phong (M) Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 2015 (Dec) To be replaced in 2016-20 term
Carrie Lam (F) Hong Kong China 2017 (Mar) Elected
Sheikh Anzar Aziz (M) Islamabad Pakistan 2016 (Mar) Council elected
Anies Baswedan (M) Jakarta Indonesia 2017 (Oct) Elected (governor elect)
Nir Barkat Nazareth (M) Jerusalem Israel 2008 (Nov-Dec.) Elected
Herman Mashaba (M) Johannesburg South Africa 2016 (Aug) Council elected
Muhammad Yunus Nawandish (M) Kabul Afghanistan 2010 (Jan.) Appointed
Erias Lukwago (M) Kampala Uganda 2011 (Jan.) Elected
Waseem Akhtar (M) Karachi Pakistan 2016 (Aug) Elected
Bidya Sundar Shakya (M) Kathmandu Nepal 2017 (May) Elected
Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein (M) Khartoum Sudan n/a n/a
Vitali Klitschko (M) Kiev Ukraine 2014 (June) Elected
No mayor (province) Kinshasa Congo n/a n/a
Mhd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz (M) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2015 (July) Appointed
Luís Antonio Revilla Herrero (M) La Paz Bolivia 2010 Elected
Akinwunmi Ambode (state governor) (M) Lagos
(former capital)
Nigeria 2015 (April) Elected
Luis Castaneda Lossio (M) Lima Peru 2015 Elected
António Luís Santos da Costa (M) Lisbon Portugal 2007 Elected
Zoran Jankovic (M) Ljubljana Slovenia 2012 (April) Elected
Sadiq Khan (M) London UK 2016 (May) Elected
Francesco Higino Lopes Carneiro (M) Luanda Angola n/a n/a
Wilson Kalumba (M) Lusaka Zambia 2016 (August) Elected
Lydie Polfer (F) Luxembourg Luxembourg 2013 (Dec) Elected
Manuela Carmena (F) Madrid Spain 2015 (June) Elected
Daisy Torres Bosques (F) Managua Nicaragua 2009 Apptd., then elected
Joseph Estrada (M) Manila Philippines 2013 Elected
David Simango (M) Maputo Mozambique 2008 Elected
Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa (M) Mexico City Mexico 2012 (Dec) Elected
Andrei Shorets (M) Minsk Belarus n/a Elected
Daniel Martinez (M) Montevideo Uruguay 2015 Elected
Sergei Sobyanin (M) Moscow Russia 2010 (Oct.) Council appt.
George Aladwa (M) Nairobi Kenya 2011 Apptd., Elected
Bill de Blasio (M) New York City (largest city) USA 2014 (Jan) Elected
Constantinos Yiorkadjis (M) Nicosia Cyprus 2012 (Jan.) Elected
City split in two North Dhaka Bangladesh n/a Appointed admin.
Marianne Borgen (F) Oslo Norway 2015 (Oct) Elected
James Alexander Watson (M) Ottawa Canada 2010 (Dec) Elected
Jose Isabel Blandon Figueroa (M) Panama City Panama 2013 Acting
Anne Hidalgo (F) Paris France 2014 (Apr) Elected
Khuong Shreng (M) Phnom Penh Cambodia 2017 (June) Appointed governor
Slavolijub Stijepovic (M) Podgorica Montenegro 2014 (Oct) Elected
Adriana Krnacova (F) Prague Czech Republic 2014 (Nov) Council elected
Mauricio Esteban Rodas Espinel (M) Quito Ecuador 2014 (May) Elected
Fathallah Oualalou (M) Rabat Morocco 2009 (June) Elected
Dagur Bergboruson Eggertson (M) Reykjavik Iceland 2014 (June) Council elected
Nil Ushakov (M) Riga Latvia 2009 (July) Council elected
Ibrahim Mohammed al-Sultan (M) Riyadh Saudi Arabia 2015 (Jan) Appointed
Virginia Raggi (F) Rome Italy 2016 (June) Elected
Johnny Araya Monge (M) San José Costa Rica 1998 Elected
Claudio Orrego (M) Santiago (commune) Chile 2014 (Mar) Elected
Joao Doria (M) Sao Paulo Brazil 2017 (Jan) Elected
Abdulah Skaka (M) Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina 2017 (Mar) Council elected
Park Won-soon (M) Seoul South Korea 2011 (Oct.) Elected
Five district mayors Singapore Singapore n/a n/a
Koce Trajanovski (M) Skopje Macedonia 2009 (April) Elected
Yordanka Asenova Fandakova (F) Sofia Bulgaria 2009 (Nov.) Elected
Sayeed Khokon (M) South Dhaka Bangladesh 2015 (Apr.) Elected
Karin Wanngård (F) Stockholm Sweden 2014 (Oct.) Elected
Clover Moore (F) Sydney
(largest city)
Australia 2004 (March) Elected
Ko Wen-je (M) Taipei Taiwan 2014 (Dec) Elected
Taavi Aas (M) Tallinn Estonia 2015 (Sept.) Acting, appointed
Djovdatkhon Inagamov (M) Tashkent Uzbekistan 2017 (Jan.)? Council appointed
Davit Narmania (M) Tbilisi Georgia 2014 (July) Elected (80)
Nasry Asfura (M) Tegucigalpa Honduras 2014 (Jan.) Elected
Mohammad-Ali Najafi (M) Tehran Iran 2017 (Aug.) Council elected
Erion Veliaj (M) Tirana Albania 2015 (July) Elected
Yuriko Koike (F) Tokyo Japan 2016 (Jul.) Elected
John Tory (M) Toronto Canada 2014 (Dec) Elected
Abdulrazzaq Abu Hajar (M) Tripoli Libya n/a n/a
Solly Tshepiso Msimanga (M) Tshwane (Pretoria) South Africa 2016 (Aug) Elected
Saifallah Lasram (M) Tunis Tunisia 2011 (April) n/a
Sükhbaataryn Batbold (M) Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 2016 (July) Appointed
Alexiei Dingli (M) Valletta Malta 2008 Elected
David André (M) Victoria Seychelles 2017 (Jan.) Appointed
Michael Häupl (M) Vienna Austria 1994 (Nov.) Elected
Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune (M) Vientiane Laos 2008 (Dec.) Appointed
Remigijus _ima_ius (M) Vilnius Lithuania 2015 (April) Elected
Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (F) Warsaw Poland 2006 (Dec.) Elected
Muriel Bowser (F) Washington DC USA 2015 (Jan.) Elected
Justin Lester (M) Wellington New Zealand 2016 (Oct.) Elected
Muesee Kazapua (M) Windhoek Namibia 2014 (Dec.) Council elected
Maung Maung Soe (M) Yangon Myanmar 2016 Presidential appointment
Seven district mayors Yaoundé Cameroon n/a n/a
Taron Margaryan (M) Yerevan Armenia 2011 (Nov.) Council elected
Milan Bandi (M) Zagreb Croatia 2005 (May) Elected

The research was carried out in September 2017

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