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City Mayors ranks the world’s largest as well as richest cities and urban areas. It also ranks the cities in individual countries, and provides a list of the capital cities of some 200 sovereign countries. More

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The world's capital cities
with population figures

September 2008: Our list provides the capital cities of some 200 sovereign countries. Where available, we also provide population figures for the listed capital cities. A typical entry reads as follows:
Country: Capital city (population)

Capital cities and their mayors (2017 edition)

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Afghanistan: Kabul (1.4 million)
Albania: Tirana (0.3 million)
Algeria: Algiers (1.5 million)
Andorra: Andorra la Vella (0.02 million)
Angola: Luanda (1.8 million)
Antigua and Barbuda: St John's (0.02 million)
Argentina: Buenos Aires (3.0 million)
Armenia: Yerevan (1.3 million)
Australia: Canberra (0.3 million)
Austria: Vienna (1.5 million)
Azerbaijan: Baku (1.8 million)

Bahamas: Nassau (0.02 million)
Bahrain: Manama (0.1 million)
Bangladesh: Dhaka (3.4 million)
Barbados: Bridgetown (0.008 million)
Belarus: Minsk (1.7 million)
Belgium: Brussels (1.0 million)
Belize: Belmopan (0.008 million)
Benin: Porto-Novo (n/a)
Bhutan: Thimphu (n/a)
Bolivia: La Paz (seat of government) (0.09 million), Sucre (legal capital) (0.2 million)
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo (0.5 million)
Botswana: Gaborone (0.2 million)
Brazil: Brasilia (2.0 million)
Brunei: Bandar Seri Begawan (0
.05 million)
Bulgaria: Sofia (1.1 million)
Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou (0.6 million)
Burma (also Myanmar): Naypyidaw (0.9 million)
Burundi: Bujumbura (0.2 million)

Cambodia: Phnom Penh (1.0 million)
Cameroon: Yaounde (0.6 million)
Canada: Ottawa (1.0 million)
Cape Verde: Praia (0.06 million)
Central African Republic: Bangui (0.5 million)
Chad: N'Djamena (0.5 million)
Chile: Santiago (4.8 million)
China: Beijing (7.4 million)
Colombia: Bogota (6.4 million)
Comoros: Moroni (0.02 million)
Congo (formerly Zaïre): Kinshasa (2.7 million)
Congo (Republic of the Congo): Brazzaville (0.6 million)
Costa Rica: San Jose (0.3 million)
Côte d'Ivoire: Yamoussoukro (0.1 million)
Croatia: Zagreb (0.9 million)
Cuba: Havana (2.2 million)
Cyprus: Nicosia (0.2 million)
Czech Republic: Prague (1.2 million)

Denmark: Copenhagen (0.5 million)
Djibouti: Djibouti (0.06 million)
Dominica: Roseau (0.02 million)
Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo (2.7 million)

East Timor: Dili (0.05 million)
Ecuador: Quito (1.6 million)
Egypt: Cairo (6.8 million)
El Salvador: San Salvador (0.5 million)
Equatorial Guinea: Malabo (0.03 million)
Eritrea: Asmara (0.4 million)
Estonia: Tallinn (0.4 million)
Ethiopia: Addis Ababa (2.4 million)

Fiji: Suva (0.07 million)
Finland: Helsinki (0.5 million)
France: Paris (2.2 million)

Gabon: Libreville (0.4 million)
Gambia, The: Banjul (0.04 million)
Georgia: T'bilisi (1.3 million)
Germany: Berlin (3.4 million)
Ghana: Accra (0.9 million)
Greece: Athens (0.8 million)
Grenada: Saint George's (0.005 million)
Guatemala: Guatemala (1.0 million)
Guinea: Conakry (0.2 million)
Guinea-Bissau: Bissau (0.1 million)
Guyana: Georgetown (0.07 million)

Haiti: Port-au-Prince (1.0 million)
Holy See (Vatican City): Vatican City (n/a)
Honduras: Tegucigalpa (0.5 million)
Hungary: Budapest (1.8 million)

Iceland: Reykjavik (0.1 million)
India: New Delhi (Delhi: 7.2 million)
Indonesia: Jakarta (9.4 million)
Iran: Tehran (6.8 million)
Iraq: Baghdad (3.8 million)
Ireland: Dublin (0.5 million)
Israel: Jerusalem (0.6 million) (The international community does nor recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.) (0.4 million)
Italy: Rome (2.6 million)

Jamaica: Kingston (0.1 million)
Japan: Tokyo (8.1 million)
Jordan: Amman (1.1 million)

Kazakhstan: Astana (until 1998 Alma Ata was the capital) (0.3 million)
Kenya: Nairobi (1.3 million)
Kiribati: Tarawa (0.03 million)
Korea, North: Pyongyang (2.7 million)
Korea, South: Seoul (10.2 million)
Kuwait: Kuwait City (0.03 million)
Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek (0.8 million)

Laos: Vientiane (0.2 million)
Latvia: Riga (0.8 million)
Lebanon: Beirut (0.5 million)
Lesotho: Maseru (0.1 million)
Liberia: Monrovia (0.4 million)
Libya: Tripoli (1.5 million)
Liechtenstein: Vaduz (0.005 million)
Lithuania: Vilnius (0.6 million)
Luxembourg: Luxembourg (0.08 million)

Macedonia: Skopje (0.4 million)
Madagascar: Antananarivo (0.4 million)
Malawi: Lilongwe (0.2 million)
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur (1.1 million)
Maldives: Male (0.05 million)
Mali: Bamako (0.8 million)
Malta: Valletta (0.007 million)
Marshall Islands: Majuro (n/a)
Mauritania: Nouakchott (0.1 million)
Mauritius: Port Louis (0.1 million)
Mexico: Mexico City (8.2 million)
Micronesia: Palikir (n/a)
Moldova: Kishinev (0.7 million)
Monaco: Monaco (0.03 million)
Mongolia: Ulan Bator (0.7 million)
Montenegro: Podgoria (0.17 million)
Morocco: Rabat (1.2 million)
Mozambique: Maputo (1.0 million)
Myanmar (formerly Burma): Naypyidaw (0.9 million)

Namibia: Windhoek (0.1 million)
Nauru: Yaren District (n/a)
Nepal: Kathmandu (0.4 million)
Netherlands: Amsterdam (capital) (0.7 million); The Hague (seat of government) (0.4 million)
New Zealand: Wellington (0.4 million)
Nicaragua: Managua (1.1 million)
Niger: Niamey (0.4 million)
Nigeria: Abuja (0.4 million)
Norway: Oslo (0.5 million)

Oman: Muscat (0.005 million)

Pakistan: Islamabad (0.5 million)
Palau: Koror (n/a)
Panama: Panama City (0.5 million)
Papua New Guinea: Port Moresby (0.2 million)
Paraguay: Asuncion (0.5 million)
Peru: Lima (5.7 million)
Philippines: Manila (1.7 million)
Poland: Warsaw (1.6 million)
Portugal: Lisbon (0.6 million)

Qatar: Doha (0.2 million)

Réunion: Saint-Denis (0.1 million)
Romania: Bucharest (2.0 million)
Russia: Moscow (8.3 million)
Rwanda: Kigali (0.2 million)

Saint Kitts and Nevis: Basseterre (0.01 million)
Saint Lucia: Castries (0.002 million)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Kingstown (0.02 million)
Samoa: Apia (0.03 million)
San Marino: San Marino (0.003 million)
Sao Tome and Principe: Sao Tome (0.006 million)
Saudi Arabia: Riyadh (1.8 million)
Senegal: Dakar (0.9 million)
Serbia: Belgrade (1.6 million)
Seychelles: Victoria (0.02 million)
Sierra Leone: Freetown (0.5 million)
Singapore: Singapore (3.9 million)
Slovakia: Bratislava (0.5 million)
Slovenia: Ljubljana (0.3 million)
Solomon Islands: Honiara (0.03 million)
Somalia: Mogadishu (0.2 million)
South Africa: Pretoria is the administrative capital (0.7 million), Cape Town is the legislative capital (n/a)
Spain: Madrid (2.8 million)
Sri Lanka: Colombo (0.6 million)
Sudan: Khartoum (0.9 million)
Suriname: Paramaribo (0.2 million)
Swaziland: Mbabane (0.04 million)
Sweden: Stockholm (0.7 million)
Switzerland: Bern (0.1 million)
Syria: Damascus (1.4 million)

Taiwan: Taipei (2.6 million)
Tajikistan: Dushanbe (0.5 million)
Tanzania: Dodoma, (0.2 million)
Thailand: Bangkok (7.5 million)
Togo: Lome (0.5 million)
Tonga: Nuku'alofa (0.02 million)
Trinidad and Tobago: Port-of-Spain (0.04 million)
Tunisia: Tunis (0.7 million)
Turkey: Ankara (3.0 million)
Turkmenistan: Ashgabat (0.4 million)
Tuvalu: Fongafale (n/a)

Uganda: Kampala (0.8 million)
Ukraine: Kiev (2.6 million)
United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi (0.2 million)
United Kingdom: London (7.1 million)
United States: Washington DC (0.6 million)
Uruguay: Montevideo (1.3 million)
Uzbekistan: Tashkent (2.1 million)

Vanuatu: Port-Vila (0.02 million)
Venezuela: Caracas (1.8 million)
Vietnam: Hanoi (1.1 million)

Western Sahara: El Aaiun (0.02 million)


Yemen: Sanaa (0.9 million)

Zambia: Lusaka (1.3 million)
Zimbabwe: Harare (1.2 million)

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