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Best cities in the world

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Best cities in the world
From Ash, New Delhi, India
Rating Bangalore as best city in India just blew away the credibility of the survey for me. The infrastructure there is a wreck with some roads in the midst of craters. The politicians have publicly made fun of themselves and frankly I cannot even go on about it. There are way better cities in India. (Posted 19 August 2008)

From Peter, Stuttgart, Germany
So in your eyes dirty, ugly and poor Berlin has a higher quality of life than the rich, high-tech garden city  Stuttgart, which, with its suburbs, is home to 2.7 Millions of people? (Posted 19 August 2008)

From Babatunde, Lagos, Nigeria
My comment has to do with the ranking of Lagos lower than Kinshasa, I find this rather unacceptable, I have travelled to quite a few cities in the world and seen what obtains, I don’t think a city on the verge of precipice and subsumed in highest level of inflation like the capital of Zimbabwe is fit to occupy a place higher than Lagos in the ranking of safest cities. Thanks. (Posted 19 August 2008)

From Marcia P.H., Seattle, USA
I have lived in three of these cities:  Boston, Seattle and Washington, DC.  I would definitely put Seattle above Washington, DC.  I would even rank it above Boston but not by much. In Seattle the people are friendlier and the weather has less extreme temperatures, although there is a long, grey drizzly winter. I found Washington, DC friendly but maybe too southern for me.  There was widespread, although not universal, hypocrisy.  There were hidden agendas that I never figured out.  It is, however, the most beautiful city in the US, I think. (Posted 19 August 2008).

From Ayako, Tokyo, Japan
I don’t think Tokyo deserves to be ranked the best city in Japan. (Posted 19 August 2008)

From Kirk, Atlanta, USA
I think the survey should take a look at Dallas, Texas, USA. I believe it is one of the best cities in the world in terms of business and logistics. You can connect to any where int he world from Dallas and it has a very business friendly culture. (Posted 19 August 2008)

From Dejan A., Calgary, Canada
Calgary is a really nice city to visit, but if you stay in the city for longer it seems that business is more important then anything else. (Posted 19 August 2008)

From P Hain, London, UK:
I think it is quite obvious that that best cities to live in are also the most boring cities in the world. London and New York are the most fun-filled cities in the world you just have to accept the risk to live there. (Posted 9 July 2008)

From Roger & Vera Gregory, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada:
I am surprised (and disappointed) that you do not include EDINBURGH, the charming Scottish city known as "the Venice of the North" (despite its lack of waterways!) Other unlisted but attractive cities (which I have visited) are Bratislava, Slovakia and, in the Middle East/Africa group, Libreville, Gabon and Manama (Bahrain). Thanks for this survey - excellent work! (Posted 9 July 2008)

From D W, Gdynia, Poland
Well, I am really not surprised to see German and Swiss cities scoring that high - if you have ever been there, you know the reason why. When I was in Munich and Frankfurt, I wasn't scared at all to go outside at night; I felt safe and sound thanks to many police patrols and simply the atmosphere of the city. On the other hand, I'm rather stunned to see Birmingham 'safer' than London - it's London where I'd better spend nights at, not Birmingham (truly saying, I was afraid of going to the centre of Birmingham alone, while in London I wasn't). I'm also pretty surprised to see Warsaw on the list, and not Cracow or some city in the north of the country (for instance Gdansk, Sopot, Szczecin) - in my opinion Warsaw is one of the worst cities in Poland, not safe at all and repulsive. It's also extremely ugly when it comes to attractiveness. The only good side of our capital? Lots of shops and places to work. And maybe the big park in the middle of the city. (Posted 9 July 2008)

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