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Historic Cities / Living Cities
Edited by Tann vom Hove, Artwork by Kevin Visdeloup

The series Historic Cities / Living Ciities features living towns and cities, which have made significant historic contributions to urban development. Many of the cities, chosen for the series, are World Heritage sites or contain historic institutions and monuments, which have influenced social, political, cultural and architectural development in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

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The editors of City Mayors, while including the world’s most famous cities, have striven to find lesser known towns and cities, which are historically important but also very much alive today. Most of the places chosen can look back on hundreds and even thousands of years of history. However, City Mayors has also included young cities, such as Brasilia, which, due to the boldness of their creation, had an immediate impact on urban development.

'Historic Cities – Living Cities' already includes historic towns and cities from 71 countries. The series will be developed further and we are inviting readers to submit additional examples of today’s thriving cities with a historically significant past. Please email the editor with your suggestions, inserting 'Historic Cities' in the subject line.

The initial selection of urban settlements for ‘Historic Cities – Living Cities’ includes towns and cities from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Most of the brief descriptions accompanying each town and city were provided by Unesco World Heritage and the League of Historical Cities as well as our readers.

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