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Directory of European cities

25 September 2012: City Mayors' internet directors provide one-click access to cities and mayors. Please contact the editor if you would like your city to be included free of charge in the directory of European cities. Please insert 'city directories' in the subject line of any email.

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Alicante, Spain,
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Ankara, Turkey,
Antwerp, Belgium,
Arhus, Denmark,
Athens, Greece,

Barcelona, Spain,
Bari, Italy,
Basel, Switzerland,
Belfast, UK,
Belgrad, Serbia,
Bergen, Norway,
Berlin, Germany,
Bielefeld, Germany,
Bilbao, Spain,
Birmingham, UK,
Bochum, Germany,
Bologna, Italy,
Bonn, Germany,
Bordeaux, France,
Bradford, UK,
Bratislava, Slovak Republic,
Bremen, Germany,
Bristol, UK,
Brussels, Belgium,
Bucharest, Romania,
Budapest, Hungary,

Cardiff, UK,
Catania, Italy,
Charleroi, Belgium,
Cologne, Germany,
Copenhagen, Denmark,
Cordoba, Spain,
Cork, Ireland,
Coventry, UK,

Dortmund, Germany,
Dresden, Germany,
Dublin, Ireland,
Dubrovnik, Croatia,
Duesseldorf, Germany,
Duisburg, Germany,

Edinburgh, UK,
Eindhoven, Netherlands,
Espoo, Finland,
Essen, Germany,

Florence, Italy,
Frankfurt, Germany,

Geneva, Switzerland,
Genova, Italy,
Ghent, Belgium,
Gijon, Spain,
Glasgow, UK,
Gothenborg, Sweden,
Graz, Austria,

Hamburg, Germany,
Hanover, Germany,
Helsinki, Finland,
Hull, UK,

Istanbul, Turkey,


Kirklees, UK,
Kosice. Slovakia,

Las Palmas, Spain,
Leeds, UK,
Leicester, UK,
Leipzig, Germany,
Limerick, Ireland,
Linz, Austria,
Lisbon, Portugal,
Liverpool, UK,
Ljubljana. Slovenia,
London, UK,
Luxembourg, Luxembourg,
Lyon, France,

Madrid, Spain,
Malaga, Spain,
Malmo, Sweden,
Manchester, UK,
Mannheim, Germany,
Marseille, France,
Messina, Italy,
Milano, Italy,
Montpellier, France,
Munich, Germany,
Murcia, Spain,

Nantes, France,
Naples, Italy,
Nice, France,
Nottingham, UK,
Nuremberg, Germany,

Odense, Denmark,
Oslo, Norway,

Padua, Italy,
Palermo, Italy,
Palma de Mallorca, Spain,
Paris, France,
Plymouth, UK,
Porto, Portugal,
Prague, Czech Republic,


Rennes, France,
Rome, Italy,
Rotterdam, Netherlands,

Saragossa, Spain,
Sarajevo, Bosnia,
Seville, Spain,
Sheffield, UK,
Skopje, Macedonia,
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Sorrento, Italy,
Stockholm, Sweden,
Stoke on Trent, UK,
Strasbourg, France,
Stuttgart, Germany,

Tampere, Finland,
Taranto, Italy,
The Hague, Netherlands,
Toulouse, France,
Trieste, Italy,
Trondheim, Norway,
Turin, Italy,

Utrecht, Netherlands, (Dutch website)
Utrecht, Netherlands, (English website)

Valencia, Spain,
Valladolid, Spain,
Venice, Italy,
Verona, Italy,
Vienna, Austria,
Vigo, Spain,
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal,

Warsaw, Poland,
Wirral, UK,
Wolverhampton, UK,
Wuppertal, Germany,


Zagreb, Croatia,
Zurich, Switzerland,

PRIZE 2018

Nominate exceptional women mayors for the World Mayor Prize

The 2018 World Mayor Project is dedicated to women in local government. It features the achievements of women mayors from across the world and will honour the best of them.

Please nominate your candidate now

Women have fought prejudice and struggled for equal rights and opportunities for hundreds of years. They did it with courage and resolve. In the 20th and early 21st centuries, women have achieved success in many spheres previously reserved to or monopolised by men, but their contributions are still often undervalued and their potential not recognised enough. Only some 20 per cent of the world’s mayors are women.

The 2018 World Mayor Project aims to encourage more women to consider a career in local government and stand for political office.

Please nominate
exceptional women
mayors for the 2018
World Mayor Prize
and honours