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Mayor of Ljubljana (12/2011)

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Chilean Mayors
Researched and edited by Alidad Vassigh*

25 December 2012: Chile is a unitary and relatively centralised state consisting of 15 regions, 51 provinces and around 346 municipalities or communes in descending order of geographic scale. Mayors and local councilors are elected every four years from the same roster of candidates, with the mayoral seat going to the candidate with the highest number of votes. Chile’s current institutional structure was developed under the military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, which governed from 1973 to 1990.

Municipal elections on 28 October 2012 were characterized by a low proportional turnout of eligible voters, attributed to a relative lack of interest in local polls and to changed electoral laws that increased voters. In contrast with previous elections, voter inscription was now automatic but voting voluntary – hence a larger number of eligible voters who chose not to vote. The abstention rate was about 60 per cent.

Mayors of the largest Chilean cities
(Readers are invited to supply information on additional Chilean cities and mayors. Please insert ‘Chilean mayors’ in the subject line of any emails.)

City, size
and internet
(Mr, Ms)

Population: 346,126**
Karen Rojo Venegas (Ms) (Ms) Elected 28 October 2012, new mayors take office 6 December, term to 2016

Chemistry and pharmaceutical graduate Católica del Norte university, MSc./PhD Granada University, Spain
Party: independent in 2012

(Arica y Parinacota)

Population: 210,920
Salvador Urrutia Cárdenas (Mr)) Elected October 2012 for 2012-16 term Born 1942, ophthalmologist; head of health service Arica from 1990. Was PPD militant; member lower house of parliament for Arica district 1 1993, 1997.
Party: PRO***
Chillán - Chillán Viejo
(Nuble, Biobío)

Population: 175,405
Sergio Zarzar Andonie (Mr) Elected 2008 and 2012 Born 1952; teacher, Universidad de Chile; headed Asociación Nacional de Futbol Profesional 2007

Population: 214,234
Alvaro Ortiz Vera (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1977, Son of parliamentarian José Miguel Ortiz, studied journalism Concepción University, councilman 2004-12
Party: DC

Population: 158,438
Maglio Honorio Cicardini Neyra (Mr) Mayoral term 2008-12 Born 1958; politician/businessman. Universidad de Atacama; formerly Socialist, independent candidate 2008
(Elqui, Coquimbo)

Population: 202,287
Cristian Galleguillos Vega (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1962, physician, Concepción University, director San Pablo de Coquimbo hospital 2004-6.

Popl: 183,997
Jorge Alejandro Soria Quiroga (Mr) Mayor 1963-73, 1992-2007 (dismissed on corruption charges, then absolved) re-elected 2012 Born 1939, son of former regional governor (Intendente) Alejandro Soria Varas, Catholic but socialist in 1960s, reportedly saved from firing squad after 1973 coup for being a godson of General Augusto Pinochet.
La Florida
(Santiago, Región Metropolitana Santiago)

Population: 363,073
Rodolfo Carter (Mr) appointed mayor 2011 after Jorge Gajardo resigned, elected 2012 Was reported as under investigation for financial and campaign irregularities.
La Serena
(Elqui, Coquimbo)

Population: 210,299
Roberto Jacob Jure (Mr)Party: UDI Elected 2012 Born 1950, councilman 2004-12
Las Condes
(Santiago, Santiago)

Population: 284,342
Francisco Javier de la Maza Chadwick (Mr) Mayor 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Born 1957, civil engineer, Universidad Católica de Chile, councilman in Las Condes 1992-2000.
Los Angeles

Popl: 187,017
Esteban Krause Salazar (Mr) Elected 2012 Engineer, governor of Biobío province 2002-10
Santiago, Santiago)

Population: 525,070
Cristián Vittori Muñoz (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1966
(Los Lagos)

Population: 153,797
Jaime Bertín Valenzuela (Mr) Elected 2008, 2012 Provincial governor Osorno 2000-5, governor Los Lagos region 2005-8
Party: PDC
(Santiago, Santiago)

Population. 236,017
Carolina Leitao Álvarez-Salamanca (Ms) Elected 2012 Born 1974; jurist University of Chile, housing coordinator under Claudio Orrego Larraín, Peñalolén's mayor 2004-12
Vice-president Christian Democrats
Party: PDC
(Santiago, Santiago)

Population: 225,710
Johnny Carrasco Cerda (Mr) Mayor since 1992, re-elected 2012 "60 years old," studied education, sociology, theology
Puente Alto
(Cordillera, Santiago)
Population. 586,509
Germán Codina Powers (Mr) Elected 2012 Born 1977; Degree/ Masters in public administration, political science, University of Chile; councilman 2004
Puerto Montt
(Los Lagos)

Popl: 228,118
Gervoy Paredes (Mr)Party: RN Elected 2012, suceeded Rabindranath Quinteros Lara, mayor 2000-12 Previously councilman

Population: 232,532
Eduardo Patricio Soto Romero (Mr) Elected 2008 and 2012 Radio presenter, councilman 2004.
Party: Regional UDI party chief before 2008.
San Bernardo
(Maipo, Santiago)

Population: 277,225
Nora Cuevas Contreras (Ms) Elected 2008, 2012 Biology teacher, University of Chile, public relations Escuela Nacional de Relaciones Públicas,
Santiago de Chile
(Santiago, Santiago)
Popluation: 308,027
Metropolitan Region: 6.7 million
Carolina Tohá Morales (Ms) Elected 2012, succeeded Pablo Zalaquett Said Born 1965; daughter of minister José Tohá in Allende government; elected to parliament 2001, 2005-9. Government spokeswoman (minister) 2009 under President Michelle Bachelet

Population: 200,461;
Juan Enrique Castro Prieto (Mr) Elected 2008, 2012 Born 1959, businessman and politician. Founded firm Barraca de Fierros Castro 1994, firms expanded 2000s. Mayoral candidate for conservative Alianza 2008.
(Cautin, Araucanía)

Population: 268,720
Miguel Angel Becker Alvear (Mr) Mayoral term 2008-2012 Born 1961; transport firm director; son of Temuco mayor Germán Becker, brother of Germán Becker Alvear, member of parliament.
(Valparaíso, Valparaiso)

Population: 292,510
Jorge Castro Muñoz (Mr) Mayoral term 2008-2012 Born 1956; business studies; city council member UDI 1992-2008
Viña del Mar
(Valparaíso, Valparaíso)

Population: 330,110
Virginia Reginato Bozzo (Ms) Elected 2004, 2008, 2012 Councilwoman 1992-2004
Party: UD

* Province and region in brackets: The territorial hierarchy is region, province and commune (comuna), the latter administered by the municipal council headed by a mayor.
** Commune population is from preliminary results of the National Statistics Institute (INE)’s 2012 census. Provisional population figure given for the Santiago Metropolitan Region was 6,683,852.
*** PartiesCoalición por el Cambio - coalition of centre-right parties backing government of Sebastián Piñera Echenique. Fuerza País – regional party founded 2007 by Iquique mayor Jorge Soria. PDC – Christian Democrats; PPDPartido por la Democracia (centre-left). PRIPartido Regionalista de Independientes formed 2007 in merger of regional parties PAR and ANI. PRO – centre-left Movimiento Progresista. PRSD – Radical Social Democratic Party founded 1994, in national leftist coalition Concertación. PS – Socialists. RN – Renovación Nacional, "moderately" right-wing, in Coalición por el Cambio. UDIUnión Demócrata Independiente, conservative, in Coalición.

*Alidad Vassigh also maintains the blog The American News Monitor

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