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City Mayors’ transport events pages list and review conferences, conventions and seminars on urban and regional transport including planning, management, integrated mobility, green and intelligent transport as well as public-private partnerships in transport.

April 2014
MetroRail 2014
Event: As cities and passenger numbers grow, urban transport is becoming increasingly connected. Building on 10 years of MetroRail, the urban rail show is designed to help you cover every aspect of urban rail in just two days. No matter where your interest lies ˆ light rail, heavy rail or infrastructure ˆ we have content, networking and new partners for you.
The event incorporates:
MetroRail network management, operations and global projects
Light Rail planning, design and implementation
RailTel signalling, telecommunications and automation
Rail Power energy efficiency, storage and recovery
Air Rail integrating airports with urban transport networks
Date: 1-2 April 2014
Location: Business Design Centre, London, UK
Organiser: Terrapinn
Contact: Alina Fisher
Tel: 0044 (0) 2070921156

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